Property Management Services

  • Supply rental applications and all other documents necessary to meet Federal, State, and local laws.
  • Handle all tenant problems.
  • Fully account for all deposits.
  • Obtain bids and notify our clients prior to any excessive expenses regarding their property.
  • Ensure all required maintenance is done in a timely manner.
  • Fully computerized and detailed monthly statements accounting for all income and disbursements.
  • Disburse all tenant deposit refunds and supply required documentation.
  • All collected rent and deposits are maintained in a client’s trust account, and is accessible by the Landlord via an Owner’s Portal.
  • Thoroughly screen all prospective tenants
  • Our web page provides 24 hour marketing of your vacant property.
  • Conduct periodic inspections of the property.
  • We use leading edge software for managing your properties efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Provide 24-hour emergency service.


Our Professionalism in these services is based on certain intangibles, such as:

  • Dependability: You can rely fully on your manager to promptly and efficiently resolve all situations requiring action on the part of tenants.
  • Communication: Frequent contact and updated information is provided so that owners are always aware of property status.
  • Integrity: Straightforward, honest, and candid approach to both tenants and owners is essential to effective management.
  • Service Commitment: We understand that customer services is the basis for successful and continuing business. Therefore we never forget that our relationship with you is always first priority.
  • Additional Information: Additional information containing complete procedural details is available on request. Just give us a call. You are never under any obligation when requesting information

Property Presentation

  • Your property is presented throughout the rental marketplace.
  • We are always aware of current market conditions; thus allowing us to rent your property at its highest value.
  • Our advanced technology enables us to maintain an exhaustive list all the features that make your property desirable and special.
  • We use a broad range of advertising methods including signs, flyers, and online advertising including the MLS.

Tenant Screening

  • We want reliable and qualified tenants just as much as you do and we pride ourselves on the quality of tenants we are able to attract. Our extensive tenant screening and lease procedures help to ensure this.
  • We do a thorough credit check before the lease is signed. This includes checking history with the credit bureau, verifying employment, income and checking all appropriate references, including past landlords. We check for name aliases, verify date of birth and SSN not reported as deceased. We additionally perform a national criminal check.
  • We provide you with protection through the use of proper lease agreements, deposit forms, late notices, and other legal documents.


  • We provide quality reasonably priced maintenance contractors who get the job done properly.
  • We deal with this daily so we know what repairs should cost and how long they will take to complete.
  • Maintenance work is closely controlled and supervised. Because of the large volume of work we give local contractors, we have the necessary recourse to correct poor performance.
  • We protect the value of your investment by maintaining your property at current neighborhood standards.

Accounting Services

  • We do all the bookkeeping chores for you. Our advanced technology systems keep complete and accurate records of every income and expense that affects your property.
  • Our convenient monthly statements simplify the job of tax preparation for you and your accountant.
  • Your monthly statement and work orders are submitted via email at month-end. Owner disbursements are submitted via ACH direct deposit to your account for no additional charge.
  • If you wish, we will make the HOA or Condo Association Dues payment on your property for you. This additional service is offered free of charge.
  • You will be provided access to an Owners Portal which will allow you to view your account at anytime from anywhere that provides internet service.

Rent Collection

  • Rent is due on the first of each month, with late notices sent at the appropriate intervals, and removal proceedings are initiated if the tenant does not make immediate payment arrangements. Delinquent rents are subject to late penalties

Management Fees

  • Our monthly management fee is payable when the rent payment is received. It is automatically deducted from your account at the time the rent payment is posted.


  • Vacancies are expensive for both of us so we make every effort to keep vacancies to a minimum.
  • If a tenant chooses to vacate, the property must pass a thorough check-out survey before the tenant is released from the Lease Agreement and the security deposit is returned. This minimizes the preparation and turn-around time before your property is re-leased. The survey will not be made until the tenant has removed all furnishings and other personal belongings, and the tenant is not allowed to re-enter the property once the survey is complete.

Property Surveys

  • We are obligated to afford the maximum protection to your property. Frequent drive-by surveys are made to observe that property exteriors are well maintained on the outside, and periodic internal surveys, as authorized by the tenants lease agreement, are made by our property management representatives. Where inconsistencies are noted, tenants are notified of necessary corrective action and the owner is advised.

Complete Documentation

  • Thorough, complete documentation is an important part of good property management. It prevents confusion, misunderstandings, and gives everyone involved a clear understanding of what is expected. Written documentation is used to screen and lease, survey and maintain property condition, and report financial information to you.
  • The Property Management Agreement defines our working relationship with property owners and is specific regarding obligations and responsibilities of both parties.
  • Each tenant is required to complete a detailed Rental Application as a basis for general screening and rental reference checking.
  • A Lease Agreement is required which outlines tenant responsibilities in accordance with company and owner requirements. Our tenant Lease Agreement is in full compliance with Federal, State and local laws.
  • Property is thoroughly surveyed at the time of rental, with tenants and management attesting to physical condition, appearance, etc., and an Inspection report is filed.
  • In the event of non-payment or other specific violations of the Lease Agreement, tenants are sent an official “Notice to Quit/Vacate or take immediate corrective action.”
  • Management renders a Profit and Loss Statement to property owners each month which details all accounting transactions and accompanies all work orders.